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How to Wear Culottes

How to Wear Culottes

If you have never tried culottes then they can be quite intimidating, but don’t be afraid of them, as there are plenty of fun styling options with culottes.

Take a look at these ways to wear culottes.



With culottes or any new fashion item, you should start with pairing them with something easy and with something that you know like your favorite sweater. With culottes add a sloppy tuck in and you are ready to rock them.

Leather Culottes

Pair a muscle tank with a pair of cool cropped leather trousers. Elongate your silhouette and add a feminine touch with a pair of chunky heels.


Take a minimalistic approach for a modern take on the 60s pant style. An elegant pair of black culottes will look sleek and can be paired with a short sleeve sweater for a classic look.


One trick you can use is to treat your culottes like any other pair of trousers. Layer a button down under a sweater and add a camel blazer on top.

Leather Jacket

For a casual weekend look go for a less tailored pair of culottes and add a leather moto and a cute pair of sneakers.

Graphic Sweatshirt

An unexpected look to try with your culottes is to pair them with a fun graphic sweatshirt and matching heels.

Wrap Shirt

If you want to pair your culottes with a longer top then go for a wrap shirt. This will highlight your waist and ensure you do not get lost in mountains of fabrics. Top this look off with mid calf boots.

Denim Culottes

Go for a 70s look with denim culottes, layered sweaters, suede boots and a bold bag.


Culottes are great for the office. You can pair them with a sweater, pumps and top the look off with a blazer.

Sequined Culottes

If you are feeling brave and bold then go for sequined culottes. Keep the look sleek and in trend with street style with a bomber jacket and trainers.

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Best Bags to Get This Season

Best Bags to Get This Season

With the new season almost here, its time to update your bag collection. Take a look at these best bags to get that will become your favorite accessory.

Perforated Clutch

A gorgeous bag this season is the feminine meets trendy laser cut eyelet detail clutches. This bag can be paired with a dress and heels or distressed jeans and burn out tee. Get the bag in a neutral hue that is a huge trend this season.

Bright Satchel

Add a pop of color to your outfit with a clean-cut satchel in a bright color like lime green. Add some edge by getting one that has a bar detail closure.

Southwestern Inspired

Heading to a festival soon? Then you need the proper accessory like a southwestern inspired pattered messenger bag that has a cross body style.

The Bucket Bag

bucket bag

The bucket bag is the perfect size as its not too small and not too big as well as being completely on trend in regards to the accessory department.


Do you love jewels? Then take a look at the Rita bag from NastyGal and find your opulent indulgence and some inspiration. The Rita bag has a box silhouette, is made from white plastic with a white jewel design and gold accents. This type of bag looks great with a body-con dress.

Tie-Dyed Tote

Tie-dye is in this season, but if you don’t want to go for a full ensemble, go for a tote bag in a tie-dye print that will certainly grab attention.


You will definitely want to add a fringe bag to your collection this season. Go for soft grey suede with a drop strap to a purse that is trimmed in fringe.


If you are looking for girly then there is nothing girlier than floral. Show off your flirty, girly side with a floral bag.

Cosmetic Case

Every girl needs a cute cosmetic case to hold her pretty things. Make sure yours is cute and different, so when you pull it out every other girl is jealous.

Metallic Backpack

We all have a soft spot for shiny things, so why not have a metallic backpack to hold your books, makeup and everything else.

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How to Wear the Denim Dress

How to Wear the Denim Dress
Many women buy an on trend piece like the denim dress, but end up wearing it the same way every time it leaves their closet. If you have invested in a denim dress then here are fun and different ways that you can wear this trend.
Denim Dress with Trendy Add Ons
A… – http://truequeen.com/?p=48

Apron Pants are the Latest Trend

Apron Pants are the Latest Trend
Apron pants are the latest trend that a few celebrities have dared to take on. The latest look is structured pants that have an added layer of fabric which are made to resemble an apron. It’s a fresh take for those that are never quite sure if they want to wear s… – http://thehubfashionweek.com/?p=45

Fashion Rules That Should be Broken

Fashion Rules That Should be Broken

There are some fashion rules that should stay there are others that should be broken. Here are some of these fashion rules that you should break.

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  1. Don’t Wear White in Winter

Wearing white winter is a thing of the past with winter whites coming in creamy cords, ivory cashmere coats and beautiful white gowns.

  1. Never Wear Navy and Black Together

This rule is a little more complicated in that wearing black shoes with navy socks is a no no, but pairing a chic navy dress with black accessories like shoes, bag or shawl can be done.

  1. Don’t Wear Horizontal Stripes if you want to look Slim

With the new craze around nautical stripes this rule has been put to its end. When horizontal stripes are paired with a cropped jean and ballet flats this look becomes perfect.

  1. Always Match your Bag and Shoes

There is something about not making your outfits too matchy matchy and this is true when it comes to your bag and shoes. You can easily pair a neutral grey bag with black boots.

  1. Don’t Mix Prints and Patterns

Paisleys, polka dots, plaid and stripes would be way too much, but you are able to subtle prints and patterns together to create something pretty.

  1. Never Wear Sparkle During the Day

A little bit of sparkle during the day won’t look like too much when it is paired with heels and a basic trench coat.

  1. Don’t Clash

Clashing colours are not all bad. Look for colours that are on the same end of the spectrum like a rust and fuchsia combo and the look will work.

  1. Maxi dresses are for Summer

This is simply not true, even floral dresses can be worn with your winter wardrobe. Match your summertime dress with boots, a blazer and a casually draped scarf and you will create a winter boho-chic look.

  1. Don’t Mix Black and Brown

This is the same as with the navy and black, but black and brown can work just as well. Pair a black outfit with a brown leather jacket.

Denim and Pinstripes for Men


Denim and Pinstripes for Men

Fashion weeks are moving over to Milan and Paris after London and there are two trends for menswear that have sent ripples and are too spread.

When it comes to fashion pinstripe and denim are considered to be opposites but in recent shows according to fashionismyobsession.com, these trends have been transformed in that pinstripe has gone from the formal to the more slimmed down and edgier and denim has been shown in more structured forms.

Denim has actually been missed on the runways for a few seasons now because tailored collections were the focus and street wear took on a more formal look.

Denim has made its return and it came back treated, torn and bleached, but has been reimagined.

E. Tautz in London showed a collection that was inspired by the British seaside and showed premium denim that was formed into robust tops and rugged outerwear. In Craig Greens debut show there was denim with straps and fastenings that were attached to multiple layers. Tom Ford had a mostly denim collection and announced that his aim is to create jeans for a range of male body types.

However denim was not being treated with such respect by all London designers. James Long’s denim kept the fabrics bohemian vibe that were oversized in shape and trimmed with colourful ribbons.

Denim was central to Prada’s SS15 collection in Milan with denim pieces that featured top stitching which created deliberate outlines. The style can be described as pared back, 70s poolside dressing with an emphasis on shape and form.

The pinstripe has been turned around. Matthew Miller in London presented a collection that was built around the classic boardroom chalk stripes subverted into patchwork, biker shapes and jean jackets.

The pinstripe look was also seen at Casely Hayford and the pinstripe was scaled up into wide stripes at e. Tautz.

In Milan, Trusardi had stripes in gangster zoot suits and Gucci showed striped blazers, slim striped shirts and pants and thick vertical lines.

Even though denim and pinstripe seem like an obvious choice it is anything but ordinary with the new designers and what they can do with it.

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The Nipple Trend at London Fashion Week

The Nipple Trend at London Fashion Week

It seemed over the period over London Fashion Week that nipples were making a statement, but there was more to this leftfield trend then just grapping attention.

Nipples were everywhere this fashion week from pasties at Tom Ford to strip bare and beautiful at Burberry, but even more surprising was that audiences didn’t seem to mind this exposure.

london fashion week

One of the boldest showcases came from Christopher Kane with his boleros sans undergarments. Anna Sui showcased her typical high chintz spliced sheer fabrics. However, Burberry went for a more every day casual collection which appeared to be the most groundbreaking when it came to the exposure of the nipple. Burberry showed several sheer chiffon dresses and Meadham took on more a deconstructed look with pieces that captured a nomadic and urban adolescence. These campaigns made less of a statement and more of a wearable look which suggested that nipple freedom might be soon on its way.

Since the mid-90s Kate Moss has been spearheading her own free nipple campaign through wearing many sheer dresses, but if this look is accessible to the rest of us that still remains questionable.

Celebrities have joined the Free the Nipple campaign on social media sites and the shock value of seeing countless women’s nipples has somewhat subsided even though it is at a very slow pace. We have then not quite reached the point of complete and utter nipple freedom just yet.

However with showcasing nipples at a public forum it does go some way to breaking the stigma that surrounds that of the exposed nipple, even though the market does lean to those more perky 32Bs.

With most extreme trends like the nipple at the London Fashion Week, it is still a wait and sees before this runway trend becomes a high street trend.

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