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Best Bags to Get This Season

Best Bags to Get This Season

With the new season almost here, its time to update your bag collection. Take a look at these best bags to get that will become your favorite accessory.

Perforated Clutch

A gorgeous bag this season is the feminine meets trendy laser cut eyelet detail clutches. This bag can be paired with a dress and heels or distressed jeans and burn out tee. Get the bag in a neutral hue that is a huge trend this season.

Bright Satchel

Add a pop of color to your outfit with a clean-cut satchel in a bright color like lime green. Add some edge by getting one that has a bar detail closure.

Southwestern Inspired

Heading to a festival soon? Then you need the proper accessory like a southwestern inspired pattered messenger bag that has a cross body style.

The Bucket Bag

bucket bag

The bucket bag is the perfect size as its not too small and not too big as well as being completely on trend in regards to the accessory department.


Do you love jewels? Then take a look at the Rita bag from NastyGal and find your opulent indulgence and some inspiration. The Rita bag has a box silhouette, is made from white plastic with a white jewel design and gold accents. This type of bag looks great with a body-con dress.

Tie-Dyed Tote

Tie-dye is in this season, but if you don’t want to go for a full ensemble, go for a tote bag in a tie-dye print that will certainly grab attention.


You will definitely want to add a fringe bag to your collection this season. Go for soft grey suede with a drop strap to a purse that is trimmed in fringe.


If you are looking for girly then there is nothing girlier than floral. Show off your flirty, girly side with a floral bag.

Cosmetic Case

Every girl needs a cute cosmetic case to hold her pretty things. Make sure yours is cute and different, so when you pull it out every other girl is jealous.

Metallic Backpack

We all have a soft spot for shiny things, so why not have a metallic backpack to hold your books, makeup and everything else.

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work wear

Accessories that should not be Worn at Work

Accessories that should not be Worn at Work

Certain clothing items like a tight skirt, low cut blouses and other outfits are not appropriate for work as we know, but there are also accessories that should not be worn at the workplace either. Here are some accessories that should not be worn to work.work wear

Super High Platform Shoes

You should avoid platforms that over ½ to ¾ inches. These types of shoes are for a night out not foe work.

Glittery Jewellery

Jewellery that is glittery or is ornate rhinestone pieces is not appropriate for work. These pieces are able to give the impression that you can’t wait to leave the office and go out or you never made it home the night before.

Lace Stockings

Lace stockings should be avoided in a conservative work environment. There are some textures and patterns that are ok but the pattern should be small. Small net stockings can be ok if the work environment is more relaxed. Very lacy stockings though are just a no for work.

Loud Jewellery

Clanging bangles are a distraction for your co-workers. Stacked bracelets might be trendy but are too loud for work. If you do want to wear multiple bracelets to work then you need to choose a style that is not bangles so they are quieter.

Flip Flops

Flip flops make a noise and they are way too casual for work. Flip flops can also be dangerous in certain work environments.

Strappy Heeled Sandals

Strappy heeled sandals can be to bare for the workplace. A small peep toe is as much foot as you should show.

An Old Tote

You need to have a clean, sharp and professional bag for work is important. You should avoid old totes, beach bags and college bags. If you bag is getting worn then replace it or mend it.

Over Sized Earrings

Statement earrings can work for the office as they are a way to add colour to an outfit. You need to keep size in mind though and avoid large chandelier earrings and styles that are just too large.

Ornate Hair Clips

Professional hair clips and bands are perfect for work. You should avoid ornate clips like loud plastic styles, juvenile clips and bow clips and ties.


You need to avoid body piercings at work especially if you are in a very corporate environment. Any piercings that are in the face are a no and should be taken out for work.

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