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Prints and Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Prints and Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

There are trends that go in and out of fashion, but there are some prints and patterns that are always in and chic.



You can never go wrong with stripes. Tops with stripes are timeless and versatile, but also a good striped dress or skirt will never go a miss.

Plaid or Tartan

Plaid is a classic Scottish pattern that may seem to be autumnal for all year round, but you are sure to see it on every rack soon.

Plaid can be worn through winter and spring and there will never be a time where it is not considered chic. Safe bets are plaid shorts, sweaters and skirts.

Tartan though does not go well into accessories like shoes, bags and tights as they seem to look a bot odd, but a plaid scarf is a must.

Polka Dots

The size of a polka dot does seem to change, but polka dots of all types, sizes and configurations are forever fashionable. Safe bets for this pattern are tops, cardigans, scarves and dresses. Polka dot purses and handbags are less versatile.


Leopard can be worn all year round and in any climate. This print works in any from sweaters to shoes to pants to purses. You can’t go wrong with some leopard.


The style and size of floral will vary. Floral was once reserved for the spring and summer, but winter floral has been a trend now for quite a few years. Sweaters, tops, dresses, cardigans, belts, shoes, skirts and scarves all look great with a floral print. The only floral item that you may need to think twice about is a floral print handbag.


Houndstooth stands out on its own, as it is a bold regular geometric that adds some great menswear influence to an outfit. This is also a great pattern to introduce to a mix and it looks great with floral.

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How to Look Skinnier Instantly

How to Look Skinnier Instantly

You are able to look skinnier easily with some fashion tricks. Here is how you can look skinner with ease.


Use Shapewear

You might be surprised at how far body slimmers have come over recent years. These are able to tuck you in under your clothes and give you a slimmer silhouette.

The Right Bra Size

One of the easiest ways to get a slim torso is by putting everything back into place. You are able to do this by choosing the perfect bra for your body. You should actually get fitted for the perfect bra, which can be a little awkward if you have never done this before. You will need a wardrobe of bras. You need bras for exercise, strapless, t-shirt and others so that you have one for every occasion.

Monochromatic Colours head to Toe

You by now know that wearing all black is slimming, but wearing any colour head to toe is actually slimming. This is because you are creating a streamlined look and not chopping up your silhouette with blocks of colour.

Constructed Pieces are Best

Instead of choosing loose knits and layers, go for pants that hang straight from the hip and jackets and shirts that have some tailoring and construction. The effect that you want is to skim your body, so they should not be too tight and not loose.

Darker colours for Your Larger Areas

If you have a big bottom then wear black pants or dark jeans with a printed top. If you are top heavy then wear a black jacket with light pants and so. The darker item is able to hide your larger area and make it recede. Your slimmer area will then be put in focus.


The taller you are then the slimmer you will look. You are able to use heels to get some extra height. Wedges are great as they are a substantial heel, comfier and will give you that height.

Jewellery Close to Your Face

You can bring the attention to your face with earrings or necklaces. Long layered necklaces will give the entire body a longer line.

The Right Prints

The wrong prints are those that will make you look wider like horizontal line, polka dots or florals that are widely spaced apart. The right ones will give you the appearance of being taller and slimmer like pinstripes or florals that are tightly spaced together.

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