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How to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive for Spring

How to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive for Spring

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a polished wardrobe. All you really need is a few on trend pieces, quality basics and some style tricks that will make your outfit look more expensive then what it actually is.


Take a look at how you can pair the latest street style trends with basics that you already have in your wardrobe.

A Monochrome Palette

Spring is the season where you will start to pull out your pastel shades and whites. The next time you step out in your lighter pieces keep your outfit to one tone only.

Having your whole outfit be a single color theme will make the look feel refined. Head to white looks classy and sleek.

Reinventing the Basics

Take a look at the basics that you already own and think of them as blank canvas that you are able to style in a number of ways. You can make a simple looking piece look more expensive by adding a twist that isn’t expected.

For instance you can make a button down shirt look effortless when you leave it unbuttoned over a full skirt. You could even wear a dress in a new way like layering it over a pair of pants.

Mix Formalwear with Sportswear

You don’t have to wear your nicer pieces on formal occasions. Instead of limiting yourself in this way use them in your everyday outfits as this can completely change your look.

You are able to pull this off by combining a dressier item with a casual sportswear piece for instance.

Wear a pair of heels with your tracksuit or wear sneakers with a slip dress.

The idea this spring is to mix it up and to not be afraid of trying something new. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe, but rather get a few trendy pieces and pair them with your basics and what you already have.

You are able to make any outfit you already own look brand new when you wear them or style them in a new way.

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How to Wear Culottes

How to Wear Culottes

If you have never tried culottes then they can be quite intimidating, but don’t be afraid of them, as there are plenty of fun styling options with culottes.

Take a look at these ways to wear culottes.



With culottes or any new fashion item, you should start with pairing them with something easy and with something that you know like your favorite sweater. With culottes add a sloppy tuck in and you are ready to rock them.

Leather Culottes

Pair a muscle tank with a pair of cool cropped leather trousers. Elongate your silhouette and add a feminine touch with a pair of chunky heels.


Take a minimalistic approach for a modern take on the 60s pant style. An elegant pair of black culottes will look sleek and can be paired with a short sleeve sweater for a classic look.


One trick you can use is to treat your culottes like any other pair of trousers. Layer a button down under a sweater and add a camel blazer on top.

Leather Jacket

For a casual weekend look go for a less tailored pair of culottes and add a leather moto and a cute pair of sneakers.

Graphic Sweatshirt

An unexpected look to try with your culottes is to pair them with a fun graphic sweatshirt and matching heels.

Wrap Shirt

If you want to pair your culottes with a longer top then go for a wrap shirt. This will highlight your waist and ensure you do not get lost in mountains of fabrics. Top this look off with mid calf boots.

Denim Culottes

Go for a 70s look with denim culottes, layered sweaters, suede boots and a bold bag.


Culottes are great for the office. You can pair them with a sweater, pumps and top the look off with a blazer.

Sequined Culottes

If you are feeling brave and bold then go for sequined culottes. Keep the look sleek and in trend with street style with a bomber jacket and trainers.

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Get These Spring Fashion Trends

Get These Spring Fashion Trends

If you are ready to shop for spring fashion, even though it is not quite the seasons yet then you need to look at these spring fashion trends.

marled knits

Back to the 90s

You may have thought that grunge has ended but its back. So get your Doc Martens and bring on the flannel. If you love the slip dress look but live in colder weather then layer one under an oversized jumper and pair with tights and combat boots.


Most of the ruffles we saw on the runway were shown on dresses, but this trend can be carried on other pieces. Tops with ruffles are the easiest pieces to get and they can be layered with cardigans and jackets. You could also try a ruffled skirt paired with tights and boots if it is still a bit cold.

Pajama Dressing

Pajama Dressing has been a trend that has appeared on celebs mainly and it is a trend that is not dying. Silks are lightweight, but they are also warm. Go for tops that have a bedroomy feel and pair with jeans now and when the weather gets a bit warmer you can go full PJ with silk palazzo pants.

70s Suede

Suede jackets, skirts and button front suede shirts are great items to have and are great for cold weather.


The runways set their sights on micro-pleats, but any type of pleat will do. Skirts are an obvious choice with pleats and can be paired with leather. You can layer pleated dresses and tops for now that can also stand alone when spring comes along.

Paper Bag Waist Pants

Show off a paper bag waist by tucking in your top. Whilst the weather is still cool pair yours with a medium weight sweater that is tucked into your waistband or tuck a simple top and layer a jacket on.

Marled Knits

Marled knits are everywhere and can add texture and movement to your look. You can also wear lighter colors in the spring without freezing.

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Dressing for Cankles

Dressing for Cankles

Cankles are where you have heavy calves and thick ankles and it is hard to dress for especially if you want to camouflage them.cankles

Cankles are influenced by weight gain, fluid retention and age. The appearance of cankles can be reduced through exercise, weight loss and even plastic surgery, but you are able to camouflage them whilst you are in the process of losing them.

Dressing for Cankles

Wear Pants

You should wear pants whenever possible but make sure they aren’t tapered. The most flattering type of pants is ones that fall from a straight line from the hip. A boot cut jean is a good choice for those that have wider hips as the proportions are balanced out.

Say no to Cropped Pants

You should avoid cropped pants that end at the ankle as these will highlight your cankles. You are able to wear Capris and Bermuda shorts if they end just below the knee. The idea here is that the hem of the shorts should end at the smallest part of your leg which is usually the knee area.

The Narrowest Part of Your Leg

If you want to wear skirts and dresses then the hemline should end at the narrowest part of your leg which is usually the knee. You should avoid ruffles or hems that are embellished as these will draw the eye downwards. A fitted skirt like a pencil skirt will accent your curves and draw the eye away from the bottom part of your leg.

Tall Boots

Tall boots are a definite for women that have cankles. You are able to look lean with leggings or slim jeans with a tunic that is tucked into tall boots.


Skirts and dresses look the best with tights or hose that are the same colour as your shoes. You can make the look even sleeker with a skirt or dress that is also the same colour.

No Ankle Straps

You should avoid shoes that have straps or lacing that is around the ankle.

High Heels

Shoes that are heels are able to elongate the foot and give your leg a slimmer look. You should go for wedges or heels that are substantial.

Top Focus

A great trick in fashion is distraction. You are able to draw the eye upwards with print, bold jewellery, colours or a neckline. The focus should be kept to your face withy makeup and hair.

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A Rocking Winter Park Fashion Show

When we think of Fashion Week we always think of the Big Apple and Bryant Park, but for those that are on Park Avenue, Fashion Week always means a little bit more.
Apparel Software
On the 30th October this year the fifth annual Luma Fashion Fete was held and the theme for this year was the theme…

Hot Shoe Trends for 2015

Hot Shoe Trends for 2015

If you are a shoe lover then 2015 has some of the hottest shoe trends. The designers have put an emphasis on wear, ease, comfort and obviously style. The shoe trends for 2015 range from block heels to embellished flats.

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Details of Woven

Woven shoes showed up on the runway with either a more natural look or had a futuristic technicolour fabric as seen by Alexander Wang. The woven shoe cropped up from some of the favourite designers and gave a subtle dimension to heels and spring sandals.

Power Pumps

The mark of a great power pump is pointed toes and high stiletto heels. 2015s power pumps came with ankle straps, sling backs and all with the air of classic womanly charm.

Laced Up

shoe trends

This spring one shoe trend that is bound to be every fashion girls must have are the laced up shoes whether they are tied up around the ankle and even up to the calf.

Fancy Flats

The spring 2015 sandals were far from average with embellishments, feathered details, multi-strap buckles and fringe detail. The great thing about these flats is that they are dressy enough to wear with your party dress instead of having to adorn the heel.

Going Western

Shoes are taking on a Western trend from bold references like spurs and metal wear as seen at Marissa Webb to the more subtle like the shoe shape as seen at Victoria Beckham.


You can add that extra splash of colour to your outfit with colourblock shoes. Colourblock sandals, ankle straps and slides hit the runway with two tones and also three tones.



With the spring runways taking inspiration from the 70s, shoes were no different with the return of the flatform.

Block Heels

Your feet will rejoice with the block heel as you can forget about those tall and spindly heels. This spring it’s all about a wide and supportive block heel.

Men’s Fashion Trends as Seen at New York Fashion Week

Men’s Fashion Trends as Seen at New York Fashion Week

Men may not be into to the latest fashion trends unlike women, but there are some key trends that appeared at the New York Fashion Week for men.

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Black and White

There is nothing new to the black and white trend but there is a reason that these classics look is a go to. Black and white is accessible colours that create a contrast and are able to highlight a smart design. In the spring collection black and white showed that it could be worn both as subtle and bold.

Public School went for colour blocking for a dramatic effect, whilst labels like General Idea and skingraft contrasted with a trim making a subtle but powerful effect. Timo Weiland showed how you could create a power ensemble through layering.

Sporty Urbanite

Over the last couple of seasons the word urban is being used more often. Urban styles take their inspiration from the popularity of street wear and aims to combine a high end, sporty and youthful style with the sophistication of the luxury market and casual attitude of the street.

Black will dominate in spring with a mix of loose fits and more tailored fits. Shorts were seen in various lengths and fits, but the highlight was the jacket whether it is a bomber jacket or sweatshirt that has been reinterpreted.

Chic Leisure

Men do not just want to wear tailored suiting and want a world of comfort and style. Designers matched relaxed fits with various proportions and versatile pieces.

Siki Im went for the wide cut of luxe trousers and Billy Reid showed a playful take to prints and masculine colours.

Robert Geller and Richard Chai kept the energy going with bomber jackets, joggers, shorts, printed shirts and other contemporary essentials.


Michael Kors embraced the relaxed feel of the season and the nautical trend with navy nautical stripes and furnished raw denim jeans with a straight cut.

With Lacoste there was fun with blue graphic prints. J. Crew and GANT Rugger came out with casual fashions that are easy to wear but with an air of smartness to them. Lucio Castro made a reference to the nautical trend with a romanticized summer vision.