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How to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive for Spring

How to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive for Spring

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a polished wardrobe. All you really need is a few on trend pieces, quality basics and some style tricks that will make your outfit look more expensive then what it actually is.


Take a look at how you can pair the latest street style trends with basics that you already have in your wardrobe.

A Monochrome Palette

Spring is the season where you will start to pull out your pastel shades and whites. The next time you step out in your lighter pieces keep your outfit to one tone only.

Having your whole outfit be a single color theme will make the look feel refined. Head to white looks classy and sleek.

Reinventing the Basics

Take a look at the basics that you already own and think of them as blank canvas that you are able to style in a number of ways. You can make a simple looking piece look more expensive by adding a twist that isn’t expected.

For instance you can make a button down shirt look effortless when you leave it unbuttoned over a full skirt. You could even wear a dress in a new way like layering it over a pair of pants.

Mix Formalwear with Sportswear

You don’t have to wear your nicer pieces on formal occasions. Instead of limiting yourself in this way use them in your everyday outfits as this can completely change your look.

You are able to pull this off by combining a dressier item with a casual sportswear piece for instance.

Wear a pair of heels with your tracksuit or wear sneakers with a slip dress.

The idea this spring is to mix it up and to not be afraid of trying something new. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe, but rather get a few trendy pieces and pair them with your basics and what you already have.

You are able to make any outfit you already own look brand new when you wear them or style them in a new way.

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leopard shoes

How to Wear Leopard Shoes

How to Wear Leopard Shoes

Leopard shoes might seem scary, but when use them as a neutral then you can style them in a variety of ways. Here is how you can wear leopard shoes.leopard shoes

At Work

When you at work wear some leopard smoking slippers. You can wear leopard-smoking slippers with cropped trousers or with capris in a navy, khaki or black. You can then pair this with a blouse or blazer so that you get that professional look. You can find work appropriate leopard shoes at J. Crew and Nordstrom.

Classy and Flirty

Leopard heels can be both classy and flirty when they have no platform, the heel is less than 4” and it’s a pointed toe pump. With leopard heels you can wear skater dresses and fit and flare skirts for a feminine touch.

Leopard heels can get a little slutty though if they are worn with short or tight dresses.

The Casual Leopard

Leopard loafers can create a little spice to an outfit. You can pair these with some distressed denim and a white blazer for a casual look.

Leopard with Leopard

If you go with leopard and leopard then ensure the prints are similar in color and size. You can pair your leopard shoes with a leopard bag. The colors that go with a leopard ensemble are dark wine, olive and off white.

Leopard prints that are too small or an unnatural yellow will look cheap so stay away from these.


Leopard tennis shoes are great for a casual look but you need to keep them grown up. You can pair these with leather pants and oversized coat for a great look.

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Affordable Brands that Celebrities Love

Affordable Brands that Celebrities Love

It is a common belief that celebrities get all their clothes and accessories for free and this is true to an extent. They do receive clothes from top designers, but they will not always be wearing these high fashion items. There are celebrities that prefer the affordable brands that you able to get from the mall. Here are some of these affordable brands that celebrities love.



Alexa Chung has designed a few collections for Madewell which is the daughter brand of J. Crew. She also wears the brand on a regular basis. She will usually mix high designer items with clothes from Madewell.

Free People

Taylor Swift is known for her boho and retro look. One of her favourite brands is Free People a boho brand. She balances the frilly pieces with classics that are stream lined.

J. Crew

Reese Witherspoon has a style that is splendidly classic and a little preppy. It is then no surprise that she is a fan of J. Crew. She is not the only celebrity that is a fan of this brand as you will find Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron wearing J. Crew.


In 2013, Beyoncé went through a Topshop stage and still wears the brand often. Other celebrity fans of Topshop include Ashley Madekwe, Cara Delevingne and Kate Bosworth. Topshop, which is a British brand, covers all styles from Feminine to minimalist to punk.


Olivia Palermo has been seen in Zara a few times. Zara offers all types of styles that will suit most tastes. The designs are on the classic glam side more than the funky. Other celebrities that have been seen in Zara include Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Diane Kruger.


ASOS is an online only brand from the UK and is a favourite of many celebrities like Charli XCX who was on the cover of ASOS magazine June 2015. With ASOS you are able to get trendy pieces at an affordable rate. Other stars that have been seen in ASOS pieces include Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.


Levi’s are an American classic so it’s no surprise that celebrities pair their Levi’s denim with premium denim. Nicole Richie loves her classic Levi’s flairs and you will see Rihanna and Miley Cyrus wearing cut-off Levi’s shorts in the summer. Not only are their jeans a firm favourite, but also the trucker jackets that can be seen on everyone from Ryan Gosling to Nicky Hilton.

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Clothing Staples that you should buy Cheaply

Clothing Staples that you should buy Cheaply

Wardrobe staples will be a little different for everyone. For instance one person may wear jeans everyday so will need to them to be durable whereas another is not bothered at all with jeans so they do not need to be top quality. The staples that you but on the cheap will depend on what you wear most often as you may want to invest a little more into everyday wear.


However, if you are starting your wardrobe from scratch or if you are not sure where you can save you take a look at these wardrobe staple guidelines.


The fact is that not all of us are able to splurge on a soft and beautifully made Alexander Wang t-shirt. T-shirts are an essential for many wardrobes, but they are simply constructed and will wear out quickly. If you are looking for affordable and quality t-shirts then check Alternative apparel or Everlane.


If you love fine jewellery then you should still buy it and some of these pieces may increase in value over time, however if you just love the sparkle then you can buy cheap jewellery.

You should avoid buying necklaces and bracelets that look like plastic as these will scream cheap. Go for metal pieces from Target or have a look on Etsy.


Underwear is one of the most frequently replaced items. If you love lingerie and take good care of it then this tip is not for you. If you are refreshing your underwear every six months or so then you should look at buying cheap underwear.


Sundresses are usually simply made and from inexpensive materials. Sundresses are more casual so they are not always practical for the office or the cold, if you live somewhere that is usually colder then warmer. You then may not get as much wear out of a sundress, so you can save some money and just buy a few that you can rotate.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Fashion Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Fashion Girls

Here are some of the best Christmas gifts that you could get for the fashion girls that you know. Not even the hardest to please girls will be able to turn their nose up at these stylish goodies.


Christmas Gifts for Fashion Savvy Girls

Glitter Disco Boots

Glittery shoes have never been cooler thanks to Saint Laurent. You can get that glittery shoe in pink or just to take it a notch down you can go for black as these look just as glam.

The Iconic Knit

Bella’s striking sweater has been seen on almost everyone from Kate Moss to Miranda Kerr and now you can get your hands on Bella Freud’s awesome sweater.

The Over the Top Clutch

If your fashion savvy girl loves to make a statement then this floral applique clutch will do the job and it comes at a reasonable price.

A Tiny Trinket Jewel Bracelet

If you are looking for that extra special Christmas present this year then what about a rose gold and diamond bracelet that is simple and beautiful.

A Cool Cobalt Leather Biker Jacket

A leather jacket is a must for everyone so why not take it one step further and get this staple in a funky colour.

Gold Dress

The 70s trend is in, so why not embrace it with a fun and glittering gold dress.

A Kitsch Phone Case

Moschino are offering their latest in phone cases that is also a statement neck piece.

A Feather Trim Polo Neck

If you want to rock the feather trend then you can with this polo neck that has feather action.

Leather Rucksack

The backpack trends for adults are still going, but why not change it up a bit and go for a leather backpack in a lovely pastel lilac.

The Print Scarf

Valentino has created one of the most recognisable prints of the season when it comes to scarves.

Block Heels

Block heels are glam, gorgeous and comfortable and every fashion girl will love a pair.

Velvet Hairband

You can turn everyday into a gorgeous hair day with a stunning velvet headband.

Designer Shades

Sunglasses can always make a statement, but a timeless tortoiseshell in a quirky shape is fun and fab.

Minimal Designer Bag

The classic tote has been shrunk into beautiful handy cross body form and every girl wants one.

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