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How to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive for Spring

How to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive for Spring

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a polished wardrobe. All you really need is a few on trend pieces, quality basics and some style tricks that will make your outfit look more expensive then what it actually is.


Take a look at how you can pair the latest street style trends with basics that you already have in your wardrobe.

A Monochrome Palette

Spring is the season where you will start to pull out your pastel shades and whites. The next time you step out in your lighter pieces keep your outfit to one tone only.

Having your whole outfit be a single color theme will make the look feel refined. Head to white looks classy and sleek.

Reinventing the Basics

Take a look at the basics that you already own and think of them as blank canvas that you are able to style in a number of ways. You can make a simple looking piece look more expensive by adding a twist that isn’t expected.

For instance you can make a button down shirt look effortless when you leave it unbuttoned over a full skirt. You could even wear a dress in a new way like layering it over a pair of pants.

Mix Formalwear with Sportswear

You don’t have to wear your nicer pieces on formal occasions. Instead of limiting yourself in this way use them in your everyday outfits as this can completely change your look.

You are able to pull this off by combining a dressier item with a casual sportswear piece for instance.

Wear a pair of heels with your tracksuit or wear sneakers with a slip dress.

The idea this spring is to mix it up and to not be afraid of trying something new. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe, but rather get a few trendy pieces and pair them with your basics and what you already have.

You are able to make any outfit you already own look brand new when you wear them or style them in a new way.

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How to Wear Culottes

How to Wear Culottes

If you have never tried culottes then they can be quite intimidating, but don’t be afraid of them, as there are plenty of fun styling options with culottes.

Take a look at these ways to wear culottes.



With culottes or any new fashion item, you should start with pairing them with something easy and with something that you know like your favorite sweater. With culottes add a sloppy tuck in and you are ready to rock them.

Leather Culottes

Pair a muscle tank with a pair of cool cropped leather trousers. Elongate your silhouette and add a feminine touch with a pair of chunky heels.


Take a minimalistic approach for a modern take on the 60s pant style. An elegant pair of black culottes will look sleek and can be paired with a short sleeve sweater for a classic look.


One trick you can use is to treat your culottes like any other pair of trousers. Layer a button down under a sweater and add a camel blazer on top.

Leather Jacket

For a casual weekend look go for a less tailored pair of culottes and add a leather moto and a cute pair of sneakers.

Graphic Sweatshirt

An unexpected look to try with your culottes is to pair them with a fun graphic sweatshirt and matching heels.

Wrap Shirt

If you want to pair your culottes with a longer top then go for a wrap shirt. This will highlight your waist and ensure you do not get lost in mountains of fabrics. Top this look off with mid calf boots.

Denim Culottes

Go for a 70s look with denim culottes, layered sweaters, suede boots and a bold bag.


Culottes are great for the office. You can pair them with a sweater, pumps and top the look off with a blazer.

Sequined Culottes

If you are feeling brave and bold then go for sequined culottes. Keep the look sleek and in trend with street style with a bomber jacket and trainers.

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The Essentials for Every Wardrobe ​

The Essentials for Every Wardrobe

There are so many items to choose from and you may find that you drawn to items that are impractical or do not last.

Here are essential pieces that you can count on for endless outfits that you can wear now and in the years to come.

Reliable Denim

You don’t need to own a thousand pairs of jeans. You just need to find one that has the perfect fit and then treat them like a treasure. Choose denim in a classic fit that is flattering and in a complimenting wash.

Cashmere Sweater

Clothes that are made from cashmere are 8 times warmer than sheep wool clothing and are thinner and lighter. Also cashmere sweaters are super soft and perfect to snuggle in to.



The trench coat is a stable piece that is neutral, practical and provides a feminine silhouette as it cinches in at the waist. A trench adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Black or Navy Blazer

A blazer can be worn many ways. You can pair it with tailored trousers for the office or wear it over a hoodie and graphic tee for a casual look. Black or navy blazers can be paired with bright colors or with neutrals.

A-Line Skirt

The A-line is a flattering cut that highlights your waist and sweeps away from you hips. If you are a petite girl then go for a shorter hemline and if you are taller then you can play with different lengths. The A-line skirt can be paired with blouses, tees and sweaters.

White Button Down

The white button down is a classic piece that you can build your look on. It can be worn anywhere and adds some sophistication to your look. You can wear it to the office and looks pretty with an open collar and delicate necklaces. If you want a more casual look then roll up the sleeves, pair them with sandals and skinnies.

Evening Dress

You are going to need an evening dress for different events like weddings, dinners and parties so be sure you love it. Go for a classic cut in a neutral color and all season fabric.

Winter Coat

A winter coat is a must and something you should invest in. you will be putting it on for months and going everywhere in it, so it needs to flatter it and provide a function. You need to choose a coat that is made from quality.

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Dressing for Work in the Winter

Dressing for Work in the Winter

It is not easy to pick out a workday outfit every weekday all year and when its winter it can be even harder to know what to wear. You will want to look professional and stay warm.


So here is a quick guide of what to wear to work in the winter.

To the Corporate Office

Corporate offices like a law firm or an accounting firm will not allow for that much playfulness in your work wear, but you can still have a little fun with your outerwear.

Try layering opaque black tights with ankle boots and a fitted knit dress. Layer a statement coat over the top like a pink one to follow the new pink trend.

To a Client Meeting

It can be challenging to dress for an important client meeting in the winter. Start with a knee-high socks and a wool wide leg trouser. Pair this with a sophisticated black turtleneck and layer on some pearls for a professional look.

With your outerwear try a fur-trimmed coat.

To Your Start Up Job

If you work in a place that doesn’t really have a dress code then you have the freedom to be creative. Add a little polish with faux leather leggings or coated denim and layer this with a classic denim shirt with a faux fur vest.

Try some wool socks with a kick ass pair of Adidas sneakers and beanie.

Casual Friday

Take casual Friday easy in a pair of stretchy black skinny jeans with Chelsea boots and a striped sweater.

Add some color with a structured bag and beret.

Working from Home

Do you work from home? Then you are super lucky. Instead of being in your pj’s all day, make the effort and wear an outfit that makes you feel like you do still have things to do.

Put on your favorite pair of skinny denim leggings, a comfy grey sweater and some shearling-lined slippers.

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Try these Color Combinations

Try these Color Combinations

When winter is in full swing we are often tempted to bundle up in black from head to toe, but why not mix things up a little. Why not pair hunter green velvet trousers with your favorite black sweater or wear nude over the knee boots with a blush colored dress.


You can easily get cozy and be created. Take a look at these color combinations that you should try.

Blush and Pink

An alternative to those winter white ensembles is to pair blush and nude tones with light pink. Nothing should match, but the colors should feel like they are part of the same family. We love over the knee boots with a long turtleneck sweater dress.

Black and Hunter Green

Instead of opting for your go to little black dress for your next party why not mix in some dark green velvet. Why not opt for pants with a wide leg paired with pointy toe mules. Add a statement necklace and you are ready for your night on the town.

Grey and Cranberry

For a casual look you can pair cranberry colored skinny jeans with a grey sweater and long line coat. You can dress the outfit up with ankle boots or pumps and sneakers will add a more casual look.

Navy and Camel

Button front denim skirts are on trend, but don’t let your legs freeze. Go for a pair of shearling lined boots and an oversized sweater. You can finish this look with a cute beanie and camel turtleneck for a chic color combo.

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How to Avoid Unwise Impulse Buys

How to Avoid Unwise Impulse Buys

Impulse buy generally refers to poor judgement and buyer’s remorse, but sometimes there are those pieces that jump out at you and end up becoming one of your wardrobe staples. But in fairness most don’t.

So here is how you are able to avoid unwise impulse buys.


Take Note of your Shopping Weaknesses

Think about those things that make you take out your debit card without thinking. Is it a sale that grabs your attention? Those smaller items like jewellery? Items that are for the season that you think you need like sandals?

You need to take the time to think about what your impulse buys are. If you are not sure then go through your wardrobe and take note of any obvious tendencies.

When you go shopping you will now be aware of your weaknesses and be prepared when they show themselves.

Walk Away

This can be super hard to do especially when you are tempted with an item that you don’t really need. At the moment you may want the item, but getting some distance from it can make all the difference.

Make a waiting period of at least a day, three days, a week or even a month if it is something huge. If after the time has passed and you still want the item and have the money in hand then go for it. In most cases though you will forget about it and move on to something else.

Unsubscribe from e-newsletters

If your weakness is online shopping then unsubscribe from all of the fashion related e-newsletters. You don’t need to be reminded about a sale or new items. If you do get curious then head to the site and look or only check when you need something new. You don’t need temptation in your inbox.

Have a Shopping Conscience

This can be hard, as the person who will be your conscience needs to be the voice of reason without preaching or judging.

If you do have a friend that you trust and be honest with then have a talk about impulse buying. Speak about your financial and clothing priorities and share your weaknesses. When you are in the mix of an impulse buy you can text or call that person so they can talk you down.

Think About What you Cant Buy

Money doesn’t last, so money that is spent on impulse buys takes away from other purchases. Think about what else you could use that money on before you sink it into an item that you will never use.

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Styles that make Women look Fat when they are Petite

Styles that make Women look Fat when they are Petite

At one point or another we have probably asked the question of does this make me look fat? Here are some styles that make women look fat, if you actually want to look thinner and taller.

Skin Tight Dress

tight dress

If you want to look thinner and taller then wearing a skintight dress is something that you will want to avoid.

If a dress feels tight, has horizontal wrinkles or if your lumps and bumps can be seen then that dress should not end up in your closet.

The skin tight dress look is amplified by being too short or too reveling and the fabric also plays an impact.

Full Skirt

If you are short and wear a full skirt then you will appear wider. Petite women need to avoid skirts that are wider then are long. The worst skirts are the full circle skirt or poodle skirt, gathered skirts and pleated skirts.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans look their best when they are worn by skinny women. Its true that you are able to get skinny jeans in all sizes, but that doesn’t make them flattering on everyone. Women that are short will always look better in straight leg jeans.

Patterned Pants

When shorter women wear patterned pants or jeans whether its stripes, plaid, floral or any print it just doesn’t work. There is an exception though and that is pinstripe as long as the pinstripe is very narrow and the pants need to hang straight from the hip. You can also get away with pants that have a very small pattern like a check on a neutral color, as it will look more like a neutral solid hue.

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants have the ability to cut legs off and smaller women will look shorter.

Bulky Sweater

A bulky sweater is able to make you look like you are carrying weight even though your not. If a bulky sweater has a cowl, a turtleneck or a wraparound style that falls below the hips then the weighty effect is further created. Any oversized clothing or bulky items are a no no for petite women. You will want to look taller and thinner so you want to emphasize vertically.

Puffy Down Coat

A puffy coat will make women look fatter as well as shapeless. Rather find a winter coat that is more flattering like a single-breasted knee length wool coat.

Ankle Warp Shoes

Wearing shoes that have ankle wrap cuts off the leg line and will make you look shorter and short women can look wider. This is further emphasized when the ankle wrap shoe is in a color that contrast with the legs, stockings or tights.

Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces shorten your neck and cut your head off, which is not a good look. If you want to be slimmer and taller rather open up the neckline with V-neck for instance. With necklaces choose a pendant necklace that falls inside the neckline.

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