How to Avoid Unwise Impulse Buys

How to Avoid Unwise Impulse Buys

Impulse buy generally refers to poor judgement and buyer’s remorse, but sometimes there are those pieces that jump out at you and end up becoming one of your wardrobe staples. But in fairness most don’t.

So here is how you are able to avoid unwise impulse buys.


Take Note of your Shopping Weaknesses

Think about those things that make you take out your debit card without thinking. Is it a sale that grabs your attention? Those smaller items like jewellery? Items that are for the season that you think you need like sandals?

You need to take the time to think about what your impulse buys are. If you are not sure then go through your wardrobe and take note of any obvious tendencies.

When you go shopping you will now be aware of your weaknesses and be prepared when they show themselves.

Walk Away

This can be super hard to do especially when you are tempted with an item that you don’t really need. At the moment you may want the item, but getting some distance from it can make all the difference.

Make a waiting period of at least a day, three days, a week or even a month if it is something huge. If after the time has passed and you still want the item and have the money in hand then go for it. In most cases though you will forget about it and move on to something else.

Unsubscribe from e-newsletters

If your weakness is online shopping then unsubscribe from all of the fashion related e-newsletters. You don’t need to be reminded about a sale or new items. If you do get curious then head to the site and look or only check when you need something new. You don’t need temptation in your inbox.

Have a Shopping Conscience

This can be hard, as the person who will be your conscience needs to be the voice of reason without preaching or judging.

If you do have a friend that you trust and be honest with then have a talk about impulse buying. Speak about your financial and clothing priorities and share your weaknesses. When you are in the mix of an impulse buy you can text or call that person so they can talk you down.

Think About What you Cant Buy

Money doesn’t last, so money that is spent on impulse buys takes away from other purchases. Think about what else you could use that money on before you sink it into an item that you will never use.

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