leopard shoes

How to Wear Leopard Shoes

How to Wear Leopard Shoes

Leopard shoes might seem scary, but when use them as a neutral then you can style them in a variety of ways. Here is how you can wear leopard shoes.leopard shoes

At Work

When you at work wear some leopard smoking slippers. You can wear leopard-smoking slippers with cropped trousers or with capris in a navy, khaki or black. You can then pair this with a blouse or blazer so that you get that professional look. You can find work appropriate leopard shoes at J. Crew and Nordstrom.

Classy and Flirty

Leopard heels can be both classy and flirty when they have no platform, the heel is less than 4” and it’s a pointed toe pump. With leopard heels you can wear skater dresses and fit and flare skirts for a feminine touch.

Leopard heels can get a little slutty though if they are worn with short or tight dresses.

The Casual Leopard

Leopard loafers can create a little spice to an outfit. You can pair these with some distressed denim and a white blazer for a casual look.

Leopard with Leopard

If you go with leopard and leopard then ensure the prints are similar in color and size. You can pair your leopard shoes with a leopard bag. The colors that go with a leopard ensemble are dark wine, olive and off white.

Leopard prints that are too small or an unnatural yellow will look cheap so stay away from these.


Leopard tennis shoes are great for a casual look but you need to keep them grown up. You can pair these with leather pants and oversized coat for a great look.

If you want to know more fashion trends then head to iSync Solutions.



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