apple shape

Dressing an Apple Shape Figure

Dressing an Apple Shape Figure

An apple shape figure is one that is round at the torso with a thick middle and smaller arms and legs. When you dress for this shape you need to balance out the proportions of your body. Here is how you are able to dress for your apple shape figure.

apple shape

Waist Illusion

You are able to create an illusion at your waist with a belt for instance that will give you a more hour glass figure and make your waist look smaller.

Raise the Waistline

You are able to create a longer and leaner look with an empire waist as it hits higher on the waist. They also hot your smallest area. You need to choose a raised waist that is sleek below the empire waist and not full.

Show Some Skin

Showing skin can be faltering. You can try a cold shoulder silhouette or choose a skirt that will show your legs.

Elongating Neckline

You should choose a neckline that has a vertical element so the eye is draw up and down and not across. You can try a V neck and a U neck as both of these are flattering.

Wrap Silhouette

A wrap dress will give you the illusion of a waist and has a V neck so these are great for apple shapes.

Tailored Pieces

A tailored jacket, pant and shirt will balance your figure as they have some structure to them.

Mid-Rise Jeans

A mid-rise jean will cover your rear and provide a high waistline. Low cut jeans will make your middle look heavy.

Face Framing

You should try bringing the focus to your face. You can do this with dangling earrings or a draped neckline.


You shouldn’t shy away from prints as bold florals or geometrics can camouflage your figure. You need to choose prints that have a minimum background.

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