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Affordable Brands that Celebrities Love

Affordable Brands that Celebrities Love

It is a common belief that celebrities get all their clothes and accessories for free and this is true to an extent. They do receive clothes from top designers, but they will not always be wearing these high fashion items. There are celebrities that prefer the affordable brands that you able to get from the mall. Here are some of these affordable brands that celebrities love.



Alexa Chung has designed a few collections for Madewell which is the daughter brand of J. Crew. She also wears the brand on a regular basis. She will usually mix high designer items with clothes from Madewell.

Free People

Taylor Swift is known for her boho and retro look. One of her favourite brands is Free People a boho brand. She balances the frilly pieces with classics that are stream lined.

J. Crew

Reese Witherspoon has a style that is splendidly classic and a little preppy. It is then no surprise that she is a fan of J. Crew. She is not the only celebrity that is a fan of this brand as you will find Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron wearing J. Crew.


In 2013, Beyoncé went through a Topshop stage and still wears the brand often. Other celebrity fans of Topshop include Ashley Madekwe, Cara Delevingne and Kate Bosworth. Topshop, which is a British brand, covers all styles from Feminine to minimalist to punk.


Olivia Palermo has been seen in Zara a few times. Zara offers all types of styles that will suit most tastes. The designs are on the classic glam side more than the funky. Other celebrities that have been seen in Zara include Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Diane Kruger.


ASOS is an online only brand from the UK and is a favourite of many celebrities like Charli XCX who was on the cover of ASOS magazine June 2015. With ASOS you are able to get trendy pieces at an affordable rate. Other stars that have been seen in ASOS pieces include Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.


Levi’s are an American classic so it’s no surprise that celebrities pair their Levi’s denim with premium denim. Nicole Richie loves her classic Levi’s flairs and you will see Rihanna and Miley Cyrus wearing cut-off Levi’s shorts in the summer. Not only are their jeans a firm favourite, but also the trucker jackets that can be seen on everyone from Ryan Gosling to Nicky Hilton.

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