Dressing for Cankles

Dressing for Cankles

Cankles are where you have heavy calves and thick ankles and it is hard to dress for especially if you want to camouflage them.cankles

Cankles are influenced by weight gain, fluid retention and age. The appearance of cankles can be reduced through exercise, weight loss and even plastic surgery, but you are able to camouflage them whilst you are in the process of losing them.

Dressing for Cankles

Wear Pants

You should wear pants whenever possible but make sure they aren’t tapered. The most flattering type of pants is ones that fall from a straight line from the hip. A boot cut jean is a good choice for those that have wider hips as the proportions are balanced out.

Say no to Cropped Pants

You should avoid cropped pants that end at the ankle as these will highlight your cankles. You are able to wear Capris and Bermuda shorts if they end just below the knee. The idea here is that the hem of the shorts should end at the smallest part of your leg which is usually the knee area.

The Narrowest Part of Your Leg

If you want to wear skirts and dresses then the hemline should end at the narrowest part of your leg which is usually the knee. You should avoid ruffles or hems that are embellished as these will draw the eye downwards. A fitted skirt like a pencil skirt will accent your curves and draw the eye away from the bottom part of your leg.

Tall Boots

Tall boots are a definite for women that have cankles. You are able to look lean with leggings or slim jeans with a tunic that is tucked into tall boots.


Skirts and dresses look the best with tights or hose that are the same colour as your shoes. You can make the look even sleeker with a skirt or dress that is also the same colour.

No Ankle Straps

You should avoid shoes that have straps or lacing that is around the ankle.

High Heels

Shoes that are heels are able to elongate the foot and give your leg a slimmer look. You should go for wedges or heels that are substantial.

Top Focus

A great trick in fashion is distraction. You are able to draw the eye upwards with print, bold jewellery, colours or a neckline. The focus should be kept to your face withy makeup and hair.

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