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How to Accessorise your Little Black Dress

How to Accessorise your Little Black Dress

If you have little black dress then you know that it is flattering, but if you find that it’s getting a little boring then you need to freshen it up. Here are simple ways that you can accessorise your little black dress.collar necklace

Use Accessories to Warm up Black

Instead of wearing the normal silver accessory you can warm black up with natural jewellery that in shades of brown such as natural wood, beads and brandy shades of leather. You should stick to lighter browns and tans as these add warmth. You can also introduce these shades with shoes, a handbag or boots.

Pops of Colour

You have probably already considered wearing a pop of colour like red pumps or a blue handbag. You can take this idea further by introducing two colours and not just one. You can try a green pump and a pink necklace or perhaps a red scarf and a cobalt handbag. You should two colours and accessories that work together on your little black dress.

Colourful Tights

Colourful tights are a great way to add a punch to a black dress. If you are not feeling to bold then go for a hunter green, a burgundy or a rich plum. Lighter shades that will work include teal, bright red and mustard. Also tights that are patterned or textured will stand out against your black dress.

Nude Pumps

Have always gone for your black shoes to wear with your black dress? It’s time to break the habit and go for a nude pump. Nude pumps will make your legs longer and slimmer as well as make your black dress more elegant.

Jewelled Collar Necklace

Collared bibs are necklaces that look like collars and are sure to add that extra something to your black dress. A jewelled collared necklace will also make your little black dress look different.

The best thing that you can do with any piece in your wardrobe is to find ways to style it differently. The next time you get a little black dress find at least three ways you can style it so you are able to make the most from the piece.

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