New Ways to Wear your All Stars

New Ways to Wear your All Stars

Recently there has been a sporty tennis shoe trend that exudes comfort and style. Also one of the favourite trends is back and that is Converse or Chuck Taylor if you are old school.

all star

Models, actresses, mums and bloggers have all been spotted sporting their Chuck Taylor’s. The biggest question is though how does a grown woman style converse without looking like a teenager, here are three tips to how to wear your Converse for a chic look.

Pair them with Leather

When leather is done right it will instantly say your grown up and classy. Leather pants or leather jackets are the key leather items but should not be worn together.

Go for leather pants and an oversized sweater and pair these with your favourite low top converse and you will have the perfect casual weekend look. As the weather warms up a silky blouse will look equally chic.

Leather leggings are different to leather pants so leave the leggings to the under 20s.

If you prefer a leather jacket then pair it with a button down blouse, polished jeans and finish it off with crisp white chucks or grey low top All Stars.

One style tip is to roll up your denim and pair with high top Converse.

Sporty with Joggers

It’s all about the sporty look right now and one way to pull of this trend is to pair comfy joggers with Converse.

The key to this look is the material of the joggers. Joggers that are pyjama like cotton will give a chic weekend vibe whilst a silky pair of joggers will give off a more on the go look. Add a denim or leather jacket for a more polished look.

Casual in Denim Shorts

In the summer months you can’t go wrong with a pair of denim shorts and Converse. Add a cardigan blazer to pull the look together. You need to ensure that the denim shorts are age appropriate when it comes to length.

The in Converse right now is:

  • The original All Star Low in white
  • The dainty in white
  • The original Chuck Taylor high top in white

Stick to neutral colour Converses like white, black, grey and olive green to get a classic look.

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