Fashion Trends that Won’t Make 2015

Fashion Trends that Won’t Make 2015

There are plenty trends to look back on in 2014, but not all of these trends will be making the cut for 2015. Here are some of those trends that should be retired and some new suggestions to take their place.


Mirrored Sunglasses

These statement sunnies hit the music festival circuit in 2014, but it’s time to retire these reflective sunglasses and turn to classic styles instead. Opt for round sunnies instead.

Plaid Shirt around the Waist

There was lots of 90s inspired fashion in 2014 and some trends will still have a place in the New Year, the plaid shirt around the waist doesn’t make the cut. Instead try a sweater that is tied around your shoulders to the side.

The Sheer Skirt with High-Waisted Underwear

There will always be some skin bearing trend around and this year was about a sheer or lace skirt paired with high waisted undies. However this trend has lost some of its charm so why not go for a high slit skirt.

Floppy Hat

There are some that are still able to pull off this trend, but it’s getting a little bohemian cliché so why not try a sleek cap.

Tab-Sleeve Shirt

Fast fashion brands have adopted this shirt detail so it’s starting to seem like a cheap blouse so why not change the look with a collared shirt and roll up the sleeves past the elbow.

Bondage Bra

One trend that started to pop up everywhere was the tough girl trend and was played out with the bondage bra. Instead why not try a minimalist bra.

Jackets with Contrast Leather Sleeves

Leather details are always something to love, but it is time to give the contrast sleeve jacket a break and change it up with a belted jacket.

Overly Shredded Jeans

An item that defiantly had a part to play in 2014 was the overly shredded jeans. It’s time to give this trend a break and perhaps go for a modern and sleek pair of flare jeans that look great with heels.

Tulle Skirt

The Tulle skirt screams girly flare, but when it is styled in a certain way the tulle skirt can start to scream sickening femininity. You can try pants with an apron skirt which is still feminine but not overly so.

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