Christmas Jerseys

Christmas Jerseys

Christmas is in the air, which means it’s time for those Christmas jerseys from snowflakes to robins and everything else that reminds us of the festive season.

christmas jersey

Here are some of the best Christmas jerseys to get your hands on.

Christmas Jerseys

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has nailed Christmas in one sweater with angels, unicorns and snow making it the perfect festive piece.


This is a festive Christmas staple jumper of robin red breasts sitting on twigs.

Cath Kidston

When it comes to Christmas there is a jumper to suit everyone even the scrooge’s with a bah humbug jumper.


This is a more simple Christmas jersey that will keep you warm. The elbows feature intricate snowflakes.

The Cave Embroidery

The navy robin jumper might be simple, but it is completely Christmassy.


The boyfriend fit jersey from Joules is simply adorable and features sheep in their own little jerseys.


If you need a little help remembering the big day, then the knitted sweater with Dec 25th on will help.

Henry Holland

The polar bear jumper is as comfy as it gets and is also adorable.

French Connection

You can embrace your more playful side with this wool blend jumper featuring a fun polar bear print.

Urban Outfitters

This jersey is a winner with a festive print on the sleeves and extremely cute penguins on the body.

Chinti & Parker

The classic winter jersey is simply beautiful with snowflakes and small hearts to keep you warm.


Tinsel is not just for the tree this year as shown by DKNY with a wool blend jumper featuring a tinsel embellishment.

Ted Baker

You can wrap yourself in the sparkly jersey and get in the Christmas mood.


Baubles don’t just have to be that a tree decoration this year with a polo neck jumper featuring beautiful decorations.

Saint Laurent

The understated wool blend sweater features a snowflake collar.


Snowflakes are always the stable with Christmas jerseys and a snowflake knit jumper is timeless.

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