How to Take On the Roll-Up Jersey Trend

How to Take On the Roll-Up Jersey Trend

The biggest knitwear trend is the roll necks but these can be quite tricky to style.

roll neck

Roll necks will either remind you of Beatnik cool or of a 10 year old in a pinafore and bunches, but no matter how you see the roll neck they are the biggest knitwear trend.

Roll necks were seen everywhere on the runways from Alexander Wang to Chanel.

If you need some inspiration for the fashion trend then here are some of the top looks from fashion week.

Roll Neck Styles

The first way that you style the roll neck is to go for a tucked in or a cropped roll neck that you can then match with either a midi skirt or high waisted trousers. This is the perfect look for work and if you don’t want to be covered in layers upon layers of chunky knitwear.

You can take inspiration from Olivia Palermo. She went for the matchy-matchy look with a roll neck and skirt which is perfect for during the day or an evening out. She also layered a chunky necklace over her roll neck to give the look that little extra glamour.

Giovanna Battaglia doesn’t get it wrong when it comes to fashion and in one look she managed to nail pretty much all of the hottest trends. In one look she was wearing a roll neck, cape, pointed flats and a mini back. She matched her roll neck with jeans which is highly wearable and accessories done right give a new twist on the trend. You can easily throw on a coat if you find you get a bit too chilly.

Roll necks are not just a casual look as Nicole Richie showed. She matched her roll neck with a matching suit that looks professional and fab.

If you want a cosy and casual look for your roll neck trend then get an oversized chunky style which you can buy or get hold of your man friends and pair it over jeans, leather trousers or a mini skirt.

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