Trends to Avoid if you are Short

Trends to Avoid if you are Short

Do you find that you complain that some clothes just don’t fit or look right because you are short? Perhaps you are trying the wrong trends and need to make the switch.

Here are some trends that shorter women should avoid.


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Trends to Avoid if you are Short

Harem Pants

Harem pants do look super comfy, but these will do nothing to help your figure. These pants will make you appear shorter where you actually need something that will make your legs look longer.

Thick Belts

Thick belts are a problem if you are petite as they are able to cut you in half and as these are a couple of inches wide you will actually lose those few precious inches. You should rather opt for skinny belts as these will add some style, but without you appearing smaller then you are.

Bold Prints

Large and bold prints will make you look lost and the focus is all drawn to the overpowering print instead of your small body. Rather go for a print that is a little more mellow like a small floral.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces might be in fashion but there are the best suited for petite women. These large necklaces can make your neck look shorter which will then make you look shorter. Go for a longer necklace as this will give the illusion that your neck is longer.

Horizontal Stripes

You will want to stay away from clothing that will make you appear wider then you are. This means that you should stay away from horizontal stripes and opt for vertical stripes instead, as these will elongate you.

Ankle Strap Shoes

The ankle strap shoe has a way of cutting your leg off which can make it look stubby. You want your leg to flow down to your shoe so that they appear longer then they are.

Drop Waist

When it comes to the drop waist many thing that it will make you look taller because your torso looks longer, but this will then make your legs look shorter which is not a good thing. It is best to stay away from drop waist dresses and shirts altogether.



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