Tips for Short and Curvy Girls

Tips for Short and Curvy Girls

If you are short and curvy here are some tips according to, that you can try that will make you look and feel better than ever.

short and curvy

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Tuck in your Shirt

You may find that because you are short shorts are just too long and when you are curvy they can make you appear larger then you are. You are able to fix this problem by tucking the short in. a good rule to follow is that your shirt should not cover your zipper.

Cuffing Jeans

If you opt to cuff your jeans then you are already making your legs look shorter, but you are able to balance this by tucking in your shirt as well. If you choose to go for a baggier boyfriend jean look then it is best to pair this with a fitted tucked in shirt.

Asymmetrical Dress and Heels

An asymmetrical dress can be very flattering on a short and curvy woman especially when paired with heels as the combination will make your calf’s look longer.


If the dress that you are wearing has a cross seam then it is best to belt it. By placing a belt you are able to show off your natural curves and it will also break up your body a bit. Your legs will also look super long.

Pull in your Waist

You can pull in your waist with a dress or a skirt. By pulling in your waist you are able to show off your natural curves.

Avoid Pants that Bunch at the Bottom

Pants that bunch up at the bottom can cause you to have a can a cankle look which will then make you appear shorter. Rather try jeans that cut off at the ankle instead.

Skip Sandals with shorts and Cuffed Jeans

Ankle strap sandals work best when you are not actually able to see them as the ankle strap can make your calf look bigger and cuts off your leg making you appear shorter. With cuffed jeans and shorts try and go for something lower, so your legs are given height.

Tailor Shirts

Shirts are not really made for short girls. If you own a racer back shirt, you are able to tailor it by pulling the straps to the correct position will help you to look slimmer and pulling the bottom of your shirt to the right length will cover your bra straps so that you do not need to go and buy a special bra.

Blazer over Boxy Shirts

A boxy shirt can give the appearance that your shoulders are broader then they are. You can soften the look by throwing a blazer over the shirt.

Skip the Bat Sleeve

A bat sleeve hits the largest part of the arm and is actually unflattering on most women no matter their shape or height. Rather go for a longer sleeve that will flatter your arms.

Cuff Long Sleeves

Long sleeves can be made of too much fabric for a smaller girl to work with and they drown in them. It is best to cuff the sleeve so that the design is broken up.






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