Fashion Rules That Should be Broken

Fashion Rules That Should be Broken

There are some fashion rules that should stay there are others that should be broken. Here are some of these fashion rules that you should break.

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  1. Don’t Wear White in Winter

Wearing white winter is a thing of the past with winter whites coming in creamy cords, ivory cashmere coats and beautiful white gowns.

  1. Never Wear Navy and Black Together

This rule is a little more complicated in that wearing black shoes with navy socks is a no no, but pairing a chic navy dress with black accessories like shoes, bag or shawl can be done.

  1. Don’t Wear Horizontal Stripes if you want to look Slim

With the new craze around nautical stripes this rule has been put to its end. When horizontal stripes are paired with a cropped jean and ballet flats this look becomes perfect.

  1. Always Match your Bag and Shoes

There is something about not making your outfits too matchy matchy and this is true when it comes to your bag and shoes. You can easily pair a neutral grey bag with black boots.

  1. Don’t Mix Prints and Patterns

Paisleys, polka dots, plaid and stripes would be way too much, but you are able to subtle prints and patterns together to create something pretty.

  1. Never Wear Sparkle During the Day

A little bit of sparkle during the day won’t look like too much when it is paired with heels and a basic trench coat.

  1. Don’t Clash

Clashing colours are not all bad. Look for colours that are on the same end of the spectrum like a rust and fuchsia combo and the look will work.

  1. Maxi dresses are for Summer

This is simply not true, even floral dresses can be worn with your winter wardrobe. Match your summertime dress with boots, a blazer and a casually draped scarf and you will create a winter boho-chic look.

  1. Don’t Mix Black and Brown

This is the same as with the navy and black, but black and brown can work just as well. Pair a black outfit with a brown leather jacket.


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