Denim and Pinstripes for Men


Denim and Pinstripes for Men

Fashion weeks are moving over to Milan and Paris after London and there are two trends for menswear that have sent ripples and are too spread.

When it comes to fashion pinstripe and denim are considered to be opposites but in recent shows according to, these trends have been transformed in that pinstripe has gone from the formal to the more slimmed down and edgier and denim has been shown in more structured forms.

Denim has actually been missed on the runways for a few seasons now because tailored collections were the focus and street wear took on a more formal look.

Denim has made its return and it came back treated, torn and bleached, but has been reimagined.

E. Tautz in London showed a collection that was inspired by the British seaside and showed premium denim that was formed into robust tops and rugged outerwear. In Craig Greens debut show there was denim with straps and fastenings that were attached to multiple layers. Tom Ford had a mostly denim collection and announced that his aim is to create jeans for a range of male body types.

However denim was not being treated with such respect by all London designers. James Long’s denim kept the fabrics bohemian vibe that were oversized in shape and trimmed with colourful ribbons.

Denim was central to Prada’s SS15 collection in Milan with denim pieces that featured top stitching which created deliberate outlines. The style can be described as pared back, 70s poolside dressing with an emphasis on shape and form.

The pinstripe has been turned around. Matthew Miller in London presented a collection that was built around the classic boardroom chalk stripes subverted into patchwork, biker shapes and jean jackets.

The pinstripe look was also seen at Casely Hayford and the pinstripe was scaled up into wide stripes at e. Tautz.

In Milan, Trusardi had stripes in gangster zoot suits and Gucci showed striped blazers, slim striped shirts and pants and thick vertical lines.

Even though denim and pinstripe seem like an obvious choice it is anything but ordinary with the new designers and what they can do with it.

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