The Nipple Trend at London Fashion Week

The Nipple Trend at London Fashion Week

It seemed over the period over London Fashion Week that nipples were making a statement, but there was more to this leftfield trend then just grapping attention.

Nipples were everywhere this fashion week from pasties at Tom Ford to strip bare and beautiful at Burberry, but even more surprising was that audiences didn’t seem to mind this exposure.

london fashion week

One of the boldest showcases came from Christopher Kane with his boleros sans undergarments. Anna Sui showcased her typical high chintz spliced sheer fabrics. However, Burberry went for a more every day casual collection which appeared to be the most groundbreaking when it came to the exposure of the nipple. Burberry showed several sheer chiffon dresses and Meadham took on more a deconstructed look with pieces that captured a nomadic and urban adolescence. These campaigns made less of a statement and more of a wearable look which suggested that nipple freedom might be soon on its way.

Since the mid-90s Kate Moss has been spearheading her own free nipple campaign through wearing many sheer dresses, but if this look is accessible to the rest of us that still remains questionable.

Celebrities have joined the Free the Nipple campaign on social media sites and the shock value of seeing countless women’s nipples has somewhat subsided even though it is at a very slow pace. We have then not quite reached the point of complete and utter nipple freedom just yet.

However with showcasing nipples at a public forum it does go some way to breaking the stigma that surrounds that of the exposed nipple, even though the market does lean to those more perky 32Bs.

With most extreme trends like the nipple at the London Fashion Week, it is still a wait and sees before this runway trend becomes a high street trend.

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