London Fashion Week Trends – 2014

London Fashion Week Trends – 2014

Over the weekend the London Fashion Week 2014 kicked off as fashion icons, celebrities and industry masters were treated to an exclusive look at the spring/summer 2015 collections.

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There were fashion showcases from Matthew Williamson, Temperley London, House of Holland, Marios Schwab and Topshop Unique, who got the fashion festival off to a swinging start.

The 1970s inspired catwalk show by Matthew Williamson at the BFC show space was full of wonderful delights that included Balinese flower inspired prints on blouses and flowing halter neck dresses.

There were enchantments of ruffles, feathers, sequins and exotic shades of orange, hot pink and aqua that adorned the clothes. The celebrities that were in the front row were defiantly eyeing up what they would be wearing on their next holiday.

House of Holland looked to the iconic 70s era with funky floral that were printed across shirts, dresses and skirts in bold hues of orange, red, yellow and green that created that hippie chic vibe.


The younger crowd were captivated by floral patchwork jeans, bomber jackets and pink bags.

The barely there theme was shown through the works of Marios Schwab and is set to be a big theme in 2015. This was one of the more interesting shows that took inspiration from the natural forms and the London based designer experimented with exposure. The key pieces were tops and skirts that showed geometric patterns on light coloured fabric that was covered by mesh to create an optical illusion.

There was also a few structured pieces in the collection that included jumpsuits and dresses in cobalt blue and black dresses with white fabric that trailed off on the side that showed the monochrome trend that is set to be hot in 2015.

london fashion week

London designer Richard Nicoll hosted Tinkerbell inspired creations which had a wonderland effect. The designer took on fluid lines and femininity. The collection showed draped knits, slouchy blazers and shimmering iridescent skirts that came in pastel tones.

Sibling showed that the loud and whimsical fashion though was here to stay. Focal points of the collection were froufrou skirts, loud prints, voluminous knitwear and colour ways of cherry red, white, and powder blue and orange that was set off by black. Not only those, models were wearing large bows on their head to finish this look.

The power of print and colour was also shown with Topshop Unique’s show. The collection was about red and black stripes that were set off against a white background with navy appearing as the prominent colour. When it came to the evening wear options the collection consisted of pretty nude see through dresses.

Bora Aksu also delved into the whimsical elements with long skirts and veils that came in varying shades of violet and indigo.

In other collections there was an emphasis on travel and fitness shown with the Nasir Mazhar’s street wear inspired collection. This Turkish designer revealed influences from belly dancers. Crop tops were paired with slashed sweatpants to reveal underwear and jumpers that had their arms cut off to give organic interpretation of the sports lux theme.



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