Weird Fashion Runway Trends

Weird Fashion Runway Trends

One of the highlights of fashion is that it has the ability to be strange, unusual and wonderful. Fashion designers and artists are always looking for the most original expression whether it is strange, weird or just a new way to shock the public.

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Here are some of the weirdest fashion trends from, that have hit the runway.

Weird Fashion Runway Trends

Chainsaw Tulle Couture

chainsaw dress

In Viktor and Rolf 2010 Spring Collection, this peculiar trend was shown. The dresses were made from Tulle with sections of it hacked away by a chainsaw. Katy Perry wore this dress to an awards show.

Hunters and the Hunted


The countryside brings about pictures of a serene and romantic nature and fashion designers like Caroline Herrera show us their interpretation of what we should be wearing.

Pac Man Helmets

pac man

In 2008 at the London Fashion Week, Giles Deacon showed us the wacky Pac-Man helmets.

Carousel Dress


The Carousel Dress was created for the Manish Arora’s show in the Spring/Summer 2009 show. This funky, fun dress was later worn by no other then Katy Perry to the MTV Europe Music Awards in the UK.

10 Inch Stilettos Boots

10 inch

In a more recent show the eccentric designer, T Alexander McQueen’s 10 inch stiletto boots strutted down the runway.



At another show an intriguing folklore ghost dress made an appearance.

Hippyish Tribal Look


One fashion trend that was seen at the spring 2008 Fashion Week was the tribal look with a hippie twist, shown through headbands, crazy colours, large cowboy hats and clowned faces.

Michael Jackson Dress


In the 2009 collection from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, showcased a Michael Jackson dress, a Muppet inspired Animal dress and even more oddness.

 Dummy Suit

fashion trends

There are some fashions that will never leave the runway and that include the Dummy Suit. At the Dubai Fashion Week in 2009, a model strutted down the runway wearing a dummy.

There have been plenty of weird fashion trends on the runway over the years and thankfully not all of these have come into the stores. Who knows where fashion will take us next.




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