Summer Trends

Summer Trends

Soon we shall be springing into summer and for some of us that will mean a new summer wardrobe. So what are the next summer trends for this year? There is everything from some sparkle to floral which will have you summer ready.

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Summer Trends

summer trends

1. Embellishing

It’s time to grab your glitters this summer as the majority of the fashion that is leaving the fashion houses are lavished in sparkle, shimmer and tops, dresses, collars and every other inch of fabric is bedazzled in costume jewellery.

2. Floral

Floral always make an appearance around summer time and you can match your neon floral and botanical blooms with some edgy accessories. Choose some metallic glam rock accessories, sky high sandals or just some chilled out trainers. When it comes to the floral this summer you can either go with lady look or the urban style.

3. Mint Green

One colour that made its way to the summer trends on the catwalk are powdery soft mints which are either off set with nude tones or matched with sorbet colours, but however you choose to wear your mint green it is a summer trend must have.

4. Look at Me Dresses

This is a simple summer trend, where all you will need to do is to take the most amazing dress and pair it with heels, confidence and one summer strut and own it.

5. Lace

If you are looking to take on the lace summer trend, then you will need to find a little lace dress that has that vintage appeal and pair it with some slick black eyeliner and hair that is packing volume.

6. Sheer Skirts

If you want to get this year’s summer trends absolutely right, then the sheer pencil, maxi or midi skirts are the way to go. Whilst we are talking about sheer skirts, you can retain your modesty by getting some full briefs to go with this look.

7. Pleats

This summer go for pleats that tighter on dresses, skirts and accessories. The pleat that is broader has been and gone, however who knows if they will come back again in the future.

These are some of the top summer trends for 2014 that you should keep your eye out for. If you can at least get your hands on one of these summer trends then it will become your staple for the season.


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